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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels consist of cells crafted from semiconducting material adept at converting sunlight into electricity. Subsequently, your solar system employs an inverter to convert the DC current generated by the sun into an AC current capable of powering your home. The installation of solar panels on your property can significantly reduce your electricity expenses, diminish your carbon footprint and potentially increase the value of your property.

The installation process is generally straightforward and typically spans a couple of days to complete. After finalising the initial assessment and designs, the team erects scaffolding before proceeding with the installation. The process is typically segmented into four primary elements: mounting hardware, panel installation, electrical wiring, and system testing.

Our energy saving products

Solar Panels

Install Solar Panels and reduce your annual electricity bills by up to £625

Solar & Battery Storage

Save up to 80% on energy bills incorporating battery storage

Battery Storage

Friendly and professional EV installation in as little as 2 hours

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Enphase Microinverter Technology

The Enphase IQ8 microinverter series are safer and more efficient in low-light conditions, perfect for for conditions in the UK.

Battery Storage

A solar battery can store excess electricity produced by your solar system. This electricity can then be used when the solar panels are not able to produce enough electricity. By installing battery storage, you can also increase your monthly energy saving by a further 35%.

Selecting the appropriate size battery for your solar system involves several considerations to ensure optimal performance. You must take into account your individual energy needs, the solar system size and the compatibility between the battery and your existing solar system components, including inverters, charge controllers, and monitoring systems.

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The benefits of solar panels

With huge technological advances over the last few years, solar is becoming a more everyday energy source.

Electricity costs
Cut your monthly energy bills by up to 80%
Carbon footprint
Reduce your Estimated C02 Emissions by 42%
Easy to install
We’ll install your new system in as little as 2 weeks

Frequently asked questions

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) cells, convert sunlight into electricity. These panels consist of semiconductor materials that form a photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits these cells, it excites electrons in the semiconductor material, generating an electric current.

Are solar panels worth it?

In the UK, the payback period for a solar panel installation has many varying factors. Location, amount of sunlight, number of panels and quality of the equipment used can drastically influence the payback period.

How much do solar panels cost?

In the UK, the expense for solar panels can vary between £7,000 and £15,000 depending on many different factors. The size of the property, energy consumption and equipment used all play a huge factor when it comes to determining a total price.

How are solar panels installed?

The installation process usually takes a couple of days and consists of setting up the scaffolding, setting up the solar panel mounting system, installing the solar panels, setting up the solar inverter and connecting the solar battery. Once this has been completed the the final step is to switch the power on and test the newly installed solar panel system.

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If you're looking to cut your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and increase the value of your property then it's time to invest in solar panels.

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