Solar Panels in Somerset

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✅ There are 21,221 solar panel installations in Somerset

✅ Government funding is available for solar panels in Somerset

✅ Solar panels in Somerset generate 3,023 kilowatt hours per year

The south-west county of Somerset is adopting solar panels at a rapid pace, with over 21,000 Somerset households generating clean electricity from the sun (MCS Dashboard, 2024).

They’re also benefiting from lower energy bills, reduced carbon emissions, and less reliance on the grid. 

With solar panels, you could see savings on your energy bills of up to 70% and have your annual carbon emissions shrink by 0.55 tonnes — the equivalent of a return flight from London to Madrid and back.

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Are Solar Panels in Somerset Worth It?

Solar panels in Somerset are definitely worth it, as they are throughout all of the UK. With a solar panel system, you’ll cut your energy bills, lower carbon emissions, and benefit from less reliance on the grid. 

By installing a typical 3.5 kWp (kilowatt peak) solar panel system, you’ll save around £614 per year (based on energy bill savings and profits made from selling excess electricity via the Smart Export Guarantee). 

You’ll be helping reduce the impact of climate change too, by shrinking your annual carbon emissions by approximately 0.55 tonnes. 

What a solar panel system in Somerset won’t let you do is transition to fully off-grid living. Solar panels are excellent at reducing grid reliance and protecting you against spikes in electricity costs, but you’ll need other forms of renewable energy to completely move away from the grid

Can You Actually Use Solar Panels in Somerset?

Yes, you can use solar panels in Somerset to great effect actually — the region receives some of the most sunshine of any location in the UK. It’s around 1,666 hours, according to data from the Met Office in 2023. 

In fact, that’s an impressive 16% more sunshine hours than the UK average, so getting solar panels in Somerset makes total sense.

This stat helps explain why Somerset has solar panels on 8.63% of homes, but this number could definitely be improved! 

Solar panel owners in Somerset will generate an impressive 3,023 kWh (kilowatt hours) each year — assuming a typical 3.5 kWp system for a three-bedroom home. That puts Somerset in third place across the whole of the UK for average annual sunlight hours. 

Factor in as well that most UK homes consume around 2,700 kWh of electricity a year and it’s clear how solar panels can make a massive contribution to your energy needs.

It’s important to remember though that you’ll only use around 50% of the electricity your panels generate. This is because the majority of people aren’t at home during the day and subsequently, the electricity isn’t needed. 

A lot of people choose to export the excess electricity generated back to the grid, via the Smart Export Guarantee, but this’ll only amount to roughly £172 a year. 

You could get a solar battery, which’ll make it possible to store the electricity generated during the day for use at night. So instead of using 50% of the energy your panels generate, you’ll have access to around 80%.

Solar batteries are expensive however, typically costing £4,500, and you’ll have to purchase two within your solar system’s 25-year lifespan. This is because solar batteries last 12.5 years on average.

Additionally, getting a solar panel will increase the break-even point of your solar system to around 19 years (it’s roughly 13 years without a solar battery).

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Somerset?

Solar panels in Somerset cost around £700 per 350 watt panel, so a 10-panel system (3.5 kWp) for a three-bedroom home will be around £7,000.

You’ll spend less than this if you qualify for the government’s ECO4 scheme, which helps eligible homes get funding towards energy-saving measures, including solar panels.

For more information on what you might spend, see our page on how much solar panels cost.

Can I Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Somerset?

Homeowners in Somerset can apply for funding towards solar panels via the Home Upgrade Grant. 

To be eligible for this grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Own and live in your property that uses off-mains gas for heating

  • Have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D, E, F or G. If you don’t have an EPC, then the Centre for Sustainable Energy can arrange this for you.

Alternatively, the UK government’s ECO4 scheme offers homes that qualify funding towards home improvements. The scheme, the fourth and final stage of the government’s Energy Company Obligation initiative, is designed to help low-income, energy-poor households become more efficient. 

Finally, there’s Solar Together, which is a group-buying initiative that helps households get substantial discounts off of a solar panel system. The scheme is closed for applications at the moment, but has periodically reopened in the past and you can still register your interest.

Solar Panels Throughout Somerset

There are over 21,000 solar panel installations throughout Somerset. Let’s take a look at some of the cities and towns with the most solar panels, and what it might cost to buy and install a solar system there. 

Solar Panels in Bristol 

You’ll spend around £680 for a 350W solar panel in Bristol, meaning the typical 10-panel system for a three-bedroom home will cost roughly £6,800. 

While not actually in Somerset, Bristol (a county in its own right) is the most populated city in the South West of England and deserves a mention. The city has 9,069 solar panel installations, or 4.73% of households generating clean electricity from the sun. In terms of available solar panel grants, there is the Bright Green Homes grant available for eligible households, and of course, the government’s ECO4 scheme.

Solar Panels in Bath 

Solar panels in Bath will cost you around £6,800 for a 3.5 kWp system, based on the average price to buy and install a 350W solar panel — £680. A little over one in 20 households in Bath have solar panels installed, according to data from the MCS Dashboard. To be more precise, that’s 4,670 homes with solar panels, or 5.90% of all homes in the town. Like the rest of Somerset, the Home Upgrade Grant is available for low-income, energy-poor households that meet the eligibility requirements, as is the UK government’s ECO4 scheme.

Solar Panels in Frome 

Looking to buy a solar panel system in Frome? You’ll spend close to £6,800 for a 3.5 kWp solar panel system in Frome capable of powering a typical three-bedroom home. There isn't a grant for solar panels specific to Frome, but if you live there you can apply for the ECO4 scheme, or see if your household qualifies for the Home Upgrade Grant.

Do I Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels in Somerset?

Like the majority of the UK, any solar panels installed on domestic buildings and land in Somerset are considered permitted development. This means you won’t need to get planning permission — but there are exceptions to be aware of. 

For example, if you live in a listed or historical building, you might need to get planning permission. This is down to the possibility of solar panels altering the building’s aesthetics too drastically, but you can get around this by installing solar tiles — roof tiles that generate electricity like solar panels do. 


Solar panel owners in Somerset are helping the UK get close to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 — all while benefiting from cheaper energy bills and reduced reliance on the grid. That’s a win-win for wallets and the planet! So if you’re ready to join the more than 21,000 solar panel owners in Somerset, we can help you compare prices. Just enter a few details about your home and we’ll connect you with our trusted suppliers. They’ll get in touch with obligation-free solar panel quotes for you to compare. 

How Much Money Can You Save With Solar?

Save up to 90% on your electricity bill
Sell excess energy back to the grid
Increase the value of your home

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