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✅ There are 25,631 solar panel installations in Surrey

✅ There’s a community-led solar panel group-buying scheme available

✅ Solar panels in Somerset generate 3,023 kilowatt hours per year

The county of Surrey has been increasing the number of solar panels, with around 25,631 installations across all of Surrey’s districts (MCS Dashboard, 2024). This means that 5.33% of households in Surrey are using the sun's power to generate clean electricity.

The residents of Surrey can boost renewable energy generation, cut down on carbon emissions, and save money on energy bills with solar panels — a positive result for the environment and bank balances.

But how much can you save on bills and emissions? Having solar panels can offer energy bill savings of up to 70%, and you could shrink carbon emissions by 0.54 tonnes, the same emissions as a return flight from London to Nimes.

If you’ve already decided that solar panels are for you, we will help you compare prices. Just answer some questions about your home and bills, and we’ll connect you with our expert solar panel installers. They’ll get in touch with obligation-free quotes and you can decide if you want to take your energy into your own hands.

Are Solar Panels in Surrey Worth It?

Yes, solar panels in Surrey are incredibly worth it, as they are across the whole of the UK. 

Jumping on board with a solar panel system will allow you to cut your energy bills, lower carbon emissions, and benefit from less reliance on the grid. 

If you were to install a 3.5 kWp (kilowatt peak) solar panel system, you’d save £608 per year (based on energy bill savings and profits made from selling excess electricity via the Smart Export Guarantee). 

You’d be helping this incredible planet we all live on and reducing the impact of climate change by shrinking your yearly carbon emissions by around 0.54 tonnes, which is the equivalent of one and a half months of emissions from a petrol car.

Unfortunately, a solar panel system in Surrey won’t let you live completely off-grid. Solar panels are a wonderful aid in increasing your independence from the grid and protecting you against electricity cost spikes. Still, you’ll require other kinds of renewable energy to go completely off the grid. 

Can You Actually Use Solar Panels in Surrey?

Yes, Surrey offers ideal conditions for solar panels — the region receives the highest amount of yearly sunshine of any location in the UK. It gets an average of 1,830 hours of annual sunshine, according to data from the Met Office in 2023. 

That’s an impressive 27% more sunshine hours than the UK average. The amount of sunshine helps explain why Surrey has solar panels on 5.33% of homes — still room for improvement, but higher than the neighbouring county of Berkshire (4.6% of homes). 

Households in Surrey with solar panels will generate 2,977 kWh (kilowatt hours) each year — assuming the average system for a three-bedroom home is 3.5 kWp. Considering that consumption in most UK homes is about 2,700kWh of electricity each year, a 3.5 kWp system will be ideal for most

Plus, any extra electricity generated will either go back into the grid, or you can make extra profits on it by exporting the excess electricity via the Smart Export Guarantee, but that’ll only amount to roughly £172 a year.

Something to note is that you’ll likely only use around 50% of the electricity generated by your panels. That’s because most people are away during the day and subsequently, electricity isn’t needed. 

This is where a solar battery comes in handy. With one, you’ll increase the electricity you use from your solar panels to around 80%. A battery means you can use this stored electricity in the evening when the sun’s gone down. In theory, you’ll be saving money you’d normally spend on electricity from the grid.

However, in practice solar batteries are expensive, typically costing £4,500. Plus, you’ll need to get two within your solar system’s 25-year lifespan, meaning a total cost of around £9,000. While it might be a wonderful step for the planet, financially it just doesn’t make much sense.

It will increase the break-even point of your solar system as well, to around 19 years, instead of roughly 13 years without a solar battery.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Surrey?

In Surrey solar panels cost around £700 per 350-watt panel, so a 10-panel system (3.5 kWp) for a three-bedroom home will be around £7,000.

But if you qualify for the government’s ECO4 scheme you could end up spending less, as it helps eligible homes get funding towards solar panels and other energy-saving measures.

For further findings on how much you’ll typically spend, see our page on how much solar panels cost.

Can I Get a Grant for Solar Panels in Surrey?

Surrey homeowners can apply for help funding their solar panel costs via the Home Upgrade Grant (Phase 2).

For your home to be eligible for the grant, you need to meet these requirements:

  • An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC rating) must be rated either D, E, F or G. If you don’t have an EPC, the Centre for Sustainable Energy can arrange this for you./
  • Your household must either be situated in an ‘auto-eligible’ postcode, in receipt of means-tested benefits, or have an annual gross income below £36,000

Alternatively, the UK government’s ECO4 scheme offers homes that qualify funding towards home improvements. The scheme, the fourth and final stage of the government’s Energy Company Obligation initiative, is designed to help low-income, energy-poor households become more efficient. 

Finally, there’s Solar Together, a group-buying initiative that has helped UK residents save over £47 million since 2012 when purchasing their solar panel systems. The scheme is currently closed for applications but periodically reopens and you can register your interest for free.

Solar Panels Throughout Surrey

There are over 25,631 solar panel installations throughout Surrey's 11 districts. We’ll go over three of the main cities and towns that hold the most solar panels, and some information on what it might cost to buy and install a solar system in that area. 

Solar Panels in Guildford

In Guildford, you can expect to spend around £700 for a 350W solar panel, so the typical 10-panel system for a three-bedroom home will cost you roughly £7,000. 

Guildford is a town in the west of Surrey and is home to 77,000 people. The town has 3,794 solar panel installations, or 6.80% of households generating clean electricity from the sun.  In terms of available solar panel grants, the government’s ECO4 scheme is available to all residents who meet the eligibility criteria. This is the same for the Home Upgrade Grant, which can help provide funding towards solar panels as well as other home efficiency improvements. 

Solar Panels in Runnymede

Buying a solar panel system in Runnymede costs around  £7,000 for a 3.5 kWp solar panel system capable of powering your average three-bedroom home. 

Runnymede is a district in the English county of Surrey, which borders Berkshire, and has a population of 89,400 (Source: ONS population estimates from NOMIS July 2020). There are currently around 1,655 solar panel installations in Runnymede, which is 4.76% of the households. 

If you want help towards funding a solar panel system in Runnymede, your best options are the government’s ECO4 scheme, and the Home Upgrade Grant. Click the respective links to find out if you’re eligible. 

Solar Panels in Woking

To buy solar panels in Woking, it’ll cost around £700 for a single 350W solar panel, so the average 10-panel system you need for a three-bedroom home will cost around £7,000. Woking, the slightly cheaper to live in of the former towns in Surrey, is situated in northwest Surrey and holds the smallest population of 75,666. It has an impressive 2,378 solar panel installations, which amounts to 5.74% of households generating clean electricity. 

For help with funding towards a solar panel system, consider either the government’s ECO4 scheme, or the Home Upgrade Grant. You’ll need to meet the eligibility requirements and generally, this means living in a low-income, fuel-poor household. 

Do I Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels in Surrey?

The UK has become very relaxed when it comes to planning permission. Even homes with flat roofs are now allowed to install solar panels, and Surrey is also permitted. This means you won’t need to get planning permission — but there are exceptions to be aware of. 

For example, historical buildings may require prior planning permission, so be sure to check your property. This is due to a want to preserve historical buildings and solar panels can alter them too much.

Even if you do live in a historical building, you could get around this by installing solar tiles, which are roof tiles that generate electricity like solar panels. Still, you should definitely double check to make sure it’s permitted. 


Those investing in solar panels in Surrey are lending a hand (or roof) to the UK getting closer to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, and in return are getting cheaper energy bills and reduced reliance on the grid.

If you’re ready to become part of 25,631 solar panel owners in Surrey, we can help you compare prices. Just answer a few questions on your home and we’ll connect you with trusted suppliers. They will return to you with obligation-free solar panel quotes for you to compare. 

We commend you for making the planet healthier, and for using the sun to help power your home.

How Much Money Can You Save With Solar?

Save up to 90% on your electricity bill
Sell excess energy back to the grid
Increase the value of your home

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